Communal kitchen is the quintessence of the spirit of «the odd flat». Here were possessions Annushka-The-Plague (Goryacheva), here the primus stoves were hissing and «a nightmare in striped underpants» was hanging around; here washed clothes were drying, parquet was burned in the stove, quarrels between the neighbors and singing to the harmonica took place. Kitchen served for Mikhail Bulgakov an inexhaustible source of impressions and images. Here his future characters of «Heart of a Dog», «Diaboliad», «Moonshine Lake», «House № 13 — Elpit-Rabkommuna» and, finally, «The Master and Margarita» met, talked and kicked up rows. And now here is half-vanished everyday life of the 1920«s — material environment of Bulgakov’s works.




Primus stove