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Bulgakov’s Moscow

Russia’s first research and educational multimedia project dedicated to places where Bulgakov lived or frequented. The project includes a printed map, navigation mobile app and website.



This is a photo of one of Bulgakov’s neighbors from the noisy communal apartment, and at the same time – of one of his regular characters – brawler and gossip Annushka-the-Plague from «The Master and Margarita» and of «№ 13 Elpit-Rabkommuny». Annushka (Anna) Goryacheva was an unemployed woman, dependant of her husband, though nobody ever saw him. Tatyana Lappa, Bulgakov’s first wife, recalled how Annushka beat her sons unmercifully and quarreled with Bulgakov. The photo was brought to the museum by Annushka’s great-grandson, a lawyer who now lives in Switzerland.