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Bulgakov’s Moscow

Russia’s first research and educational multimedia project dedicated to places where Bulgakov lived or frequented. The project includes a printed map, navigation mobile app and website.


Space in time of sound

Specially for «The Fifth Dimension Project» and for Mikhail Bulgakov Museum a particular musical composition is being composed by a visually challenged composer Vladimir Kallistov (Rome, Italy) at the moment.

This unique piece of music will supposedly animate the whole space of «The Odd Flat» (Mikhail Bulgakov Museum) and will be first one in a row of sound art works composed by contemporary sound artists within the context of the Project.
Vladimir Kallistov graduated from The Gnessin State Musical College and continued his musical studies at the musicology faculty of The Moscow Conservatory which he graduated with honours.
In 1991 he won the first prizes at a few international music competitions in Italy (Treviso, Borgo val di Taro, Capranica Prenestina).
As a Vladimir Kallistov is an author of a range of articles on traditional Japanese music, Russian sacred music and European music of the classic period.
As a composer he works in various styles of chamber and instrumental music and is an author of Sound Painting concept (also known as Sounding Pictures concept).
The first composition was premiered in Hamburg on June 15, 2002, as an integral part of the sixth international conference dedicated to the twelfth anniversary of the initiative «Dialogues in the Dark» organized by Andreas Heineke. Afterwards the project was performed in Rome, Milan and in many cities in Russia (Saint Petersburg, Kursk, Vladimir, Ivanovo).
The presentation of the «Sounding Pictures» in Moscow took place at Mikhail Bulgakov Museum in May-June, 2009.