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Bulgakov’s Moscow

Russia’s first research and educational multimedia project dedicated to places where Bulgakov lived or frequented. The project includes a printed map, navigation mobile app and website.


The Fifth Dimension of «the Odd Flat»

«For someone well acquainted with the fifth dimension, it costs nothing to expand space to the desired proportions. I’ll say more, respected lady – to devil knows what proportions!»
(Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita)

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum with its The Fifth Dimension of the Odd Flat Project is the winner of the grant contest «A Changing Museum in a Changing World» in the Socially Oriented Museum Programs nomination. The contest is held by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation with the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications annually since 2004. In 2010, 473 applications from 71 regions of Russia were issued. Grants were awarded to 22 projects.
Museum intends to present its audience with an absolutely new image of a literary museum — vivid, animated, interactive and, first and foremost, open to everyone including the visually challenged visitors, people with weak eyesight.
One of the most state-of-the-art sound systems is now installed at the museum. This will fill the whole space with musical compositions created by contemporary sound artists and composers especially for «The Odd Flat». Thus, the museum will become accessible for those people for whom hearing and sense of touch are the only ways of information perception.

No work by Mikhail Bulgakov is imaginable without sounds, voices, music and different noises. All of them will form the «fifth dimension» of the museum.
A lot of composers and sound artists have already shown great interest in using such an unusual experimental performing area. Besides special sound excursions-trips, a series of concerts, seminars and readings will be held within the bounds of the Project.
Our partners are The Moscow Conservatory (Electro-acoustic Music Studio and Centre of Contemporary Music) and – a web-based encyclopedia of Russian gramophone recording.