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Bulgakov’s Moscow

Russia’s first research and educational multimedia project dedicated to places where Bulgakov lived or frequented. The project includes a printed map, navigation mobile app and website.


The housing problem

The housing problem ruined the Muscovites.
So said Bulgakov, but what is the story behind this famous claim? How did the writer actually live? You can find out by joining our tour of apartment 50.

Join us on a special tour dedicated to the ‘housing problem’ in the life and works of Mikhail Bulgakov.
In September 1921, Mikhail Bulgakov moved to Moscow, from which point his life was accompanied by a never-ending search for a decent place to live. Bulgakov suffered from substandard living conditions, terrible neighbours and having no place to write.
‘Let’s agree once and for all: the home is the foundation of a person’s life. It’s a simple truth: without a home, a person cannot exist. Now, with that in mind, I would like to inform everyone living in Berlin, Paris, London and similar places: there are no apartments in Moscow. How do people live there then? I shall tell you how they live. Without apartments’, wrote Bulgakov in his satirical piece, The Housing Problem.


Tour guide: Zoya Alexandrovna Shitova


Price: 300 roubles


Tour in english: 1000 roubles


Tickets are available
online at
by telephone: +7(495)699-53-66
or through the Bulgakov Museum ticket office


Duration: one hour
For more information, please call: +7(495)699-53-66