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Bulgakov’s Moscow

Russia’s first research and educational multimedia project dedicated to places where Bulgakov lived or frequented. The project includes a printed map, navigation mobile app and website.

4 november 2020

Wednesday evening tours

If you want to find out about the life and works of Mikhail Bulgakov (in one and a half hours), then bring some friends or come in splendid solitude to the ‘bad apartment’ on Wednesday evening.

You will find out about where the ‘nightmare in a jacket and striped underwear’ lived as well as Annushka the Plague, why the cockerel crows at night and what dangers lurk in the stove. You will begin to understand why it is difficult to shock someone who has spent more than a year living in the ‘bad apartment’…


Tours every Wednesday at 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00.


Please be aware, individual visits to the Museum on Wednesdays end at 19:00


Price: 300 roubles


Tour in english: 1000 roubles


Tickets are available
online at 
by telephone: +7(495)699-53-66
 or through the Bulgakov Museum ticket office


Duration: one hour and a half
For more information, please call: +7(495)699-53-66