Margarita’s secret walking tour

Join us in search of the heroine from Bulgakov’s great novel and the house in which she lived until she met the Master.

Bulgakov’s Margarita is a symbol of femininity, beauty, loyalty towards one’s lover and sacrifice in the name of all-consuming love. It is no coincidence that the second part of the novel begins with a direct address to the reader: ‘Follow me, reader! Who told you that there’s no such thing as real, true, eternal love? May his rotten tongue be cut out. Follow me, reader, only me, and I’ll show you that kind of love!’ In response to this call, we will head off on a journey through the pages of Bulgakov’s works to discover the secrets of the ‘bright queen’.

Academics believe that several people could have provided the inspiration for Bulgakov’s Margarita. How many of them were there? Who were they? We will try to shed some light on this mystery.
Our journey begins in Woland’s residence—the ‘bad apartment in house 302-bis’—where the spring ball took place at midnight and where the Master and Margarita found themselves after their long period apart… The walking part of our journey takes in Patriarch’s Ponds where everything begins in the novel and in the writer’s life. We will then lose ourselves in the alleys around Arbat looking for Margarita’s house (far from the beaten path).


Tour guide: Irina Serova


Tour in english: 1000 roubles


Price: 550 roubles
Concessions: 350 roubles


Concessionary prices are only available to pensioners, students and schoolchildren when buying tickets at the ticket office before the beginning of the tour.


Tickets are available
online at
by telephone: +7(495)699-53-66
or through the Bulgakov museum ticket office before the beginning of the tour.


Duration: 3.5–4 hours


For more information, please call: +7(495)699-53-66


Meeting point: in the yard of 10 Bolshaya Sadovaya (entrance through the arch)


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