Wednesday evening tours

If you want to find out about the life and works of Mikhail Bulgakov (in one and a half hours), then bring some friends or come in splendid solitude to the ‘bad apartment’ on Wednesday evening. >>>


The Odd Flat

How did Mikhail Bulgakov find himself in Moscow? And why did he make his home at flat № 50? Why was the flat called «The Odd Flat» in Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel «The Master and Margarita»?

Which tenants of the house became prototypes of Bulgakov’s heroes and why? Did Annushka really exist? Which of his literary works did Mikhail Bulgakov write here? What is house № 10 on Bolshaya Sadovaya street famous for? Who was Ilya Pigit? How did Sergey Yesenin and Isadora Duncan meet here? Where was «Zoya’s apartment» situated? And what were the Higher Courses for Women? Why the housing problem has corrupted the Muscovites in the 1920’s? And what was Moscow like at Bulgakov’s time?

Our visitors will find out answers to all these questions during the excursion.


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